I don’t know why decisions are coming up so frequently lately. In posts, in my classes, when I speak at Spiritual Activism..(that’s a Sunday 12:15 ET group you can come to if you want. Speakers share about magic (me), Gnosticism, Automatic (channeled or “direct”) writing (me), chakras, energy healing, finding and following your dreams, living your life’s purpose, metaphysics in general. Things like that… (I can send the link if you message me.)

Anyway, everywhere I am, I keep talking about making decisions: how to do it, how to get help to do it. How the moment of CHOOSING is a point of power.

Maybe it’s time to decide already…

Are you piling unmade decisions up on top of each other, then wondering why you feel overwhelmed?

Of course you feel overwhelmed!! You have a thousand little things to decide before you can move on.

The little things add up

I’m not really talking about the detail stuff though I know little things add up to big changes over time. I mean deciding about foundation-level stuff that would shift everything.

Here are some clues you have a foundation-level shift ready to happen. You’re just going along and all of a sudden …

  • You hear yourself being pessimistic. (Even after all that spiritual growth work you’ve been doing.)

  • You realize the endless loop of worry that you always thought was love. (We mistake worry for love all the time. As if you could worry enough to hold onto your lover, or to keep your child safe.)

  • You hear how you complain about so many things. (And you realize how many of your conversations are nothing but complaints. That’s an ouch awareness for me.)

  • You become aware of how often you’re just muddling through. (Meaning, not really choosing, not clear. Just going along…not even enjoying it. Just tolerating. Leaving well enough alone.)

  • Other ___________________ (fill in the blank of the thing you KNOW has to change but it feels hard or impossible or you “never thought of it that way.”

Decidere, right?

I’ve said this before: decidere is Latin for “to cut off”. When it comes to decisions that stick, you’re cutting off all other options. There’s no going back. That sounds so final it’s probably why we don’t do it.

Sometimes it’s so global, so massive we can’t even see what we need to cut off. You know, like how angel wings are so immense you can’t see the whole angel, so it looks like there’s no angel there at all. It just looks like the sky, say. Or a sea of green leaves (which are really angel wings…)

Samhain and the New Year

It’s the season of Witch’s New Year – a great time to decide (not make resolutions). So…

  • What would make life easier? That alone is a magical, powerful choice to make.

  • What would feel good NEVER to do again?

  • What can you let go that would just DELETE a piece of worry?

A magical practice to try…

If you have a hunch there needs to be big changes but you can’t see exactly what you must do, hang your head off your bed or do a headstand three times a day for the next three days. Hanging upside down is great for perception shifting.

After three days, ask yourself what needs to change? You’ll doubtlessly see more of the angels hovering around sending you massive amounts of love and support. You’ll also see more of the truth of who you are and what your life is telling you.

The past is past,

What’s done is done.

Embrace the choices,

Regret none.

Blessed be,