“I’m never going to be a Witch,” a friend wrote me after my first post. That’s groovy. She already has powerful magic. Writers are supposed to have an “ideal audience” and she’s definitely part of mine.

She’s a seeker, giver, gentle and fierce; someone who has tried many male brands of religion, and found them wanting. Someone who wants community, depth, connection with Spirit and the Divine Feminine.

For the Maybe-Witch

Following the phases of the Moon is what I did when I “got serious” about Wicca/Earth-based spiritual practice. I started with watching how my moods got along with the Moon. I thought I wasn’t “doing” anything, but isn’t that how it is? We don’t give ourselves credit for the small things that eventually add up to a whole life.

For Wicca-Curious

If you are thinking about what a Female-Centered religion might be – religio, to bind – you can take a season and bind yourself to observing the Moon. You can’t forget because She’ll show up in your window and remind you.

I was tempted to tell you how easy it is to change your religion. Like an info-mercial about how little it’ll cost you to change your life. But, spirituality costs. Getting deeper, richer – becoming more yourself – would you want that to be worth $19.99? It costs time and love, and devotion. It costs sleep, brutal honesty, letting go of what you used to believe; it costs you relationships and old identities. A truly beautiful spiritual life is expensive AF.

But, you can use the tools you have on hand.

Moon Magic Who, When

The Moon is Yin to the Sun’s Yang; it draws on the dark, but not in the way of binary evil/good. In the way of brooding, waiting, unseen. In the Shadow side of the process of life. (How fascinating this is to me!) Do you know how much your own shadow self is controlling you? Ask someone you trust, “What do you know about me that I probably don’t?”

If they’re honest, it’ll shake loose some spiritual cobwebs for sure!

The Moon Goddesses

The Moon is a symbol Greek Goddess Selene, the Roman Luna, Egyptian Sefket and Isis, the Celtic Arianhrod and so many more. You can find a Goddess image for every phase, and since they are all One, pick She who you identify with at this moment and meditate on Her.

After dark, when you can see the Moon at whatever phase, light a white or pale colored candle.

Close your eyes and give yourself a few minutes to shush. Then imagine your Shadow Self meeting Her on the dark side of the Moon. She might scare you, or hold you or dance with you. You might feel awe, love, veneration, fear.

Then, Selene/ Luna/ Sefket/ Arianhrod tells you something you need to know in order to have your wishes come true. Or to reach your destiny. Or to stir up your creativity. Or whatever you need. Ask. Listen. That’s it. Simple, but not easy. Or cheap.

Blessed be,