God is in the body not as you will, but as She wills. — Max Shüpbach

I found this quote a while ago and kept the file open. So, it must be important. This morning I decided to get to the bottom of it. I closed my eyes and instantly got a jarring awareness.

The Goddess shows up in my body in ways I have been ignoring.

All of a sudden, I realized black espresso tastes terrible, though I have a long habit of drinking it. Then: Wow, the power bars I’ve been eating make me nauseated. Then: Holy shit, I feel like I have to pee, but I’ve been suppressing it for hours. You can’t be Belly Witch-y and let all these things stand, right?

I’m only an idiot if I keep ignoring Her

There are always more things to become aware of. Even when you’ve been doing “the work” of belly and soul development. So now that I know, I have to do the hard work of breaking these habits.


Now, I easily, effortless release these choices. Now I choose to eat so that my belly and body and heart and soul all line up. Every choice is going to line me up even more than before. Sleep. Thoughts. Words. People. Time. Work.

God is in our bodies as She wills, even with our illnesses, pains, symptoms and the thoughts that go with them. I used to be in denial about my “disease.” Then, one day, when I was ready, it was a relief to name it, accept it. We live together now, my “condition” and me. Another way “the Goddess is as She wills” within me. Like it or not.

God is in the body as She wills.

It applies to the body of the earth too. The fires and unhealthy air in the western US and Canada, a sign of how consequences show up in a damaged system that we haven’t chosen to protect and love and honor. Now, we pay attention. Talk about a jarring awareness. Can we take a minute and send love to the earth and her children, the birds of the trees and animals of the forests; the children, and grown ups who are bereft, who have been impacted, displaced, or lost?

The Equinox is coming on the 22nd of September. It is a time of natural rebalancing. But we can add our energy and intentionally make it a day of rebalancing our collective state of being, body and soul.

For you: I release, loose and let go all of my judgements about my body, symptoms, and conditions. Divine Love flowing through me now, draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life complete.

For the world:

Blessed Be,