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Am I Missing Something?

This week I was talking to a client about the story that the native people of Australia, South America or the Caribbean couldn’t see the ships of the conquerors (whether it was Magellan or Columbus or someone else) when they approached the shores of their homelands. Here’s a good article about that: https://www.northcoastjournal.com/humboldt/myth-of-the-invisible-ships/Content?oid=2129921.

Deletion Magic

Years ago I heard Tony Robbins say that we are “deletion creatures.” There’s so much input bombarding with us every day that we have to delete most of it. How does that happen? Our Reticular Activating System, located in the brain stem, filters out what isn’t relevant or is outside of our expectations. It explains how you can miss seeing something right in front of your face. Or how a group of people might not know what to make of tall ships looming on the horizon.

Here’s a good description of what the Reticular Activating System does:


As for those aboriginals, keep in mind that once the sailors approached the shore in longboats they came right over, spears in hand.

What the Bleep?

The story of the “invisible ships” comes from the movie What the bleep do we know? The most likely explanation is something called “selective perception.” We do not see what we don’t expect to see. Here’s great video and article about that: https://www.noisyvision.org/2011/02/24/non-vediamo-quello-che-non-ci-aspettiamo-di-vedere-anche-questa-e-cecita/

See Here!

So, what are you missing? What is so far outside of your experience that you cannot take it in, even if it’s completely possible and maybe even right in front of your face?

For example, can you imagine yourself making $800,000? Can you imagine your body looking and feeling the way you want it to? (I know we are all body positive nowadays, but still, I recall a questionnaire circulated in room of a hundred women at a motivational event. Both the event and the survey were about self-acceptance and empowerment. Out of 100 women 99 agreed with the statement “I hate my body.” HATE. I think I am safe to ask whether you’re happy with yours.)

If you’re a Witch or Wiccan, can you imagine a magic and spirituality so deep you know you are connected to the Divine One at every moment, and that anything is possible for you?

If you’re into Law of Attraction, can you visualize the life you want or do negative thoughts based on the past and what you consider “reality” get in the way?

If you are into coaching or psychology can you imagine ever getting free of your “gremlins” or “old patterns” and “old tapes” from childhood?

What is the Meaning of This?

If we can’t see the world the way we long for it to be, full of ease, equity, peace and harmony, how can it ever come to pass?

Here is some powerful magic I am working during this season of Yule. Some days it feels complicated and “hard” but I know it isn’t.

Here’s how to make it super simple so you can see more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Start Seeing It

During Yuletide we have the darkest nights and shortest days we’re going to get. But in a few weeks the light returns. It’s the perfect time for this practice.

Starting today, find evidence of light.

· Only read stories about people finding their way, discovering forgiveness (for themselves and others.) Getting sober, well, healthy, happy, restored to life, whatever you need.

· Watch feel-good TV shows and movies only. Cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime movies count. Elf. Ted Lasso too.

· Drop gossip. Drop gossipers.

· Drop negative self -talk and negative talkers.

· Find one memory of true happiness – however tiny – and go there three times a day. Nothing else, no elaborate visualization. Just go feel good for no reason three times a day. It’ll be hazy some days. You’ll forget to do it. That’s okay, just do it when you remember. It doesn’t have to be related to the thing you want to change. Just a “feel-good” three times a day.

New Moon, New View

This is going to set you up beautifully for the New Moon on January 2nd. On that day, you’ll set your sights on new things for 2022. I’ll provide a ritual for that day in the week before.

In the meantime, during the next three weeks until the New Year, you’ll start to see new things. Your life will already be changed for the better. You’ll see.

I can see it.

Blessed be,