I have a little company called Earth and Soul Coaching and Publishing, which helps women write and publish their books. I also guide women who want to use writing for spiritual insight and intuitive guidance. It adds a physiological touch to personal and spiritual growth because writing integrates spirit, mind and body, especially if you write by hand.

Words are magical, and historically spells, rituals and magical formulas created the very first books, written down by priests/magicians of ancient worlds. People wanted healthy fields, fertility, marriage partners and good health and so the magician/priests created word formulas to insure they got what they wanted. Eventually the priests wrote down the spells so they could be repeated, (and probably sold) again and again.

Using words to heal, get what we want, increase prosperity, understand ourselves, and reach others is the basis of all magic. Abracadabra! (Which means, “as I say the word, so it is!”)

The Write Witch (thewritewitch.com)

Writing is magical. It can give you access to answers and solutions to your problems. It helps you bypass the ego and the internal censors that bar you from remembering who you really are (Holiness Incarnate) — and what you want.

Writing brings insight. It can tune you in to your guides, angels, and your Higher Self, your very own secret wisdom; your private holy book.

High Vibe Writing

I teach High Vibe Writing – where women get together to raise their vibration and write like the wind. We tune out the negative voices in our hearts and heads. I’ll go so far as to say it’s the cure for writer’s block, stuck-ness, imposter syndrome and all the other BS we tell ourselves about our deep, innate, holy, divine ability to create on demand.

Do you remember the radio dial? Creativity exists on particular frequencies, playing all the time. It doesn’t change, it is available, waiting for you to tune into the right station. I could say creativity is playing all the time, and all you need is the Wifi password.

High Vibe Writing gets you on the frequency.

Soul Writing

But the writing isn’t just carried on the winds of the group’s energy. It is sourced from our bold, organic, rich, witchy souls. It’s deep, resonant work that transforms the writer, whether their book makes the bestseller’s list or not. Whether it even becomes an entire book or not.

Here’s a magical little writing prompt to raise your vibration.

Create a sacred space by setting an intention: I will ______________ by writing for ten minutes.

Light the space perfectly with daylight, or candles or mood lighting as you wish. Decorate it with memorabilia, an offering to the Goddess, a little libation, some chocolate. Let the space evoke peace, comfort and inspiration.

Find a pen or marker or quill that feels just right and a notebook, journal or parchment that feels perfect in combination with that writing implement. You will feel a hum in your hand when the combination works. Try writing. If it’s right the ink will soak in at the perfect rate. The drag across the page will feel fluid with just enough pressure. The sensations matter. You might like more scratch across the page, or less. As a leftie, I need a quick absorption of ink into paper or I wear ink on my hand all day. What feels good to you?

Sit and breathe and count down slowly from 5 to 1. Relax and let your mind wander. It has nowhere to go. Allow yourself to feel aimless. This exercise is entirely pointless. That’s what it is easy. Wonderful. Useful. Vital.

The practice:

Resolve that you will put pen to paper and won’t lift it up for 10 minutes. Set a timer. You will write and not stop. Just surrender to the idea of not stopping. If it gets hard, you can write, “I don’t know what to write,” over and over again. Or, “Damn that Diane, who said I can’t stop and re-read what I’ve written!”

Here is the writing prompt:

If I could write my own magic formula, it would…

You will find after a while that you give up trying to write from your mind and your broader, more spacious imagination will take over. It might only be a word interspersed between the many “I don’t know what to writes.” But you might also hear the name of your guide or get a message that will make you gasp in wonder when you read it back later. You might find a flow that you only ever had when you were a kid with her first diary.

When your timer goes off, thank the Muse or the Goddess or your Highest Self for showing up. She’s always there, if you’re willing to suspend all agendas and sit and visit for a while. Might as well do it with a pen in hand, ready to take notes.

Blessed be,