How do you feel today on the new Moon? There are stereotypes about how the moon phases make us feel, but it’s different for everyone. For me, New Moon feels like possibility. For you, it might be a blank slate, a down time or something else. Some of us don’t consider it New Moon til we can see the sliver in the sky. But, I think it begins in the dark.

Making it Real

Last month on the New Moon I did a protection spell. I wanted to ward hostility I felt coming at me. (Goddess, this is so personal.) It involved herbs helpfully provided by a friendly Witch, cord cutting and asking forgiveness (among other things.) Afterward, I bundled the herbs into paper and hung them on the doors.

Sometimes, making things tangible, helps. Rituals and the words we call incantations or spells, help. Setting aside time to sit and light a candle, or creating a sacred space where you remember your divinity — it helps.

You know how in the religions of the world there are tangible signs people make with their hands. There is the ceremonial use of water, fire, incense, kneeling, standing, sitting. People recite words: confessions, lamentations, statements of faith. It’s like that.

Maybe you have something that would be helped by a ritual or some sort of tangible that would let you say,

“There, I did that. Now, it’s done. I can let it go.”

What might that be?

Today the herb bundles come off the doors. I trust the magic has done its work because things that were stuck are no longer. Later tonight, to set that energy completely free, I will light a New Moon fire outdoors to (safely) burn the herbs. I intend the feeling, “Now, I can let it go.”

The Biggest Magic

The biggest magic was in my choice to ask forgiveness and be free. Of course you knew that. You saw it coming before I was finished writing it. The herbs, candles, cords, they are all adjunct to the willingness to be different. It’s the greatest power we possess.

Magic is always and already at your fingertips. Remember that and you are using your power. Forget and you are just like everyone else: asleep.

Blessed Be,