This morning at dawn the crescent moon was up, and my son and I heard owls in the woods: a Screech Owl for sure, the low hoo, hoo of the Great Horned Owl and one more…

When I was growing up my mother said owls were an omen of death or if you were lucky, just an omen of bad luck…

But owls are associated with witches and with the spirit world. Timely, since yesterday was Samhain and All Saint’s and Tuesday is All Souls’ Day.

This is the season when the veil between the living and the dead is thin.

(No, the magic of holidays doesn’t end at the stroke of midnight. Lucky for us, we get a “season.” At least that’s how I celebrate.)

Samhain, Saints and Souls

You can commune with departed loved ones and with the spirit world more easily now than at other times of the year.

( A little ritual at the end of this post for that. Hang in there or scroll down.)

The owl is a fitting messenger of ancestor and spirit wisdom. The many birds in our woods tell me something is shifting.

It’s time for change and ready or not, buckle up because here it comes.

Witch’s New Year

We’re in the New Year now (on a Wiccan calendar). It’s up to you what permanent changes you make this year. But the signs and omens are around if you’re looking for direction.

Change is afoot.

The signs are auspicious for witches and for women in general: share your mystery, power and intuition with the world.

The wide world needs you and so does your family, community, friends, school district. So, trust your gut and heart and soul, in addition to your logic and reasoning and all the things the patriarchy prioritizes. (Benchmarks, deadlines, deliverables.)

What will Change this Year?

Circumstances and external things will change (don’t they always?)

But I’m talking about change within us. Beginning with taking hold of the beautiful, magical ferris wheel of our moods, insights, gut feelings, visions, impressions. Those are gifts. Assets. Not “too much/not enough,” not “b*tchy” or moody, or spacey or crazy. Lean HARD into those. Let them be the ONLY thing that guides you. That’s radical trust of the Goddess/Spirit/the All that Is/the Divine.

Call back Your Power

The first thing that has to change is our perceptions, beliefs, sense of ourselves. So, call back your power. Believe the signs you get, the wisdom that comes from weird places.

Figure out what you truly want. Then, find the guidance or wisdom you need to pull it off. What do you need to hear so that you can make some powerful magic?

We sometimes think it’s not powerful to ask. We think we have to make a choice and do it on our own. Don’t even tell anyone! Like keeping our wishes to ourselves. Didn’t you learn to wish on a star but not tell anyone your wish or you won’t get it?

Tell everyone. Tell your guides, guardians, ancestors, the Divine what you wish for. The more reinforcements the better. The more chance you get what you want. It’s powerful to ask. To know what you need. To be super-clear. All those things increase your chances of getting it.

Tonight, grab a pen and paper.

Light a white candle and sit quietly. Breathe and slow your body down.

Imagine you’re surrounded by the light of the Divine. Write down a question. “What do I need to change?” “What should I do?” “How do I handle xyz?” “What next?” Or whatever else you need to know.

Sit and ask your ancestors for a message to give you insight, direction or the answer to your question if you had one.

Write down what you hear and before you get up, reread everything you’ve written.

You can resolve to do one thing that will initiate change

It might be time to cut ties, to decide something you’ve been waffling on. Just decide. Decidere: to cut off other options. Just making the choice initiates immense momentum, and the Spirit rushes to your aid the minute you decide. You’ll see.

Make a conscious choice about how you’re going to think, react, be, practice your unique brand of magic in this new year.

MY choice is to show up here and just claim it. Witchcraft is ministry of its own sort…

Sharing Love and Blessed Be,