Welcome to Midnight Pages

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep.

You’re awake for a reason.

Night Owls are the babies who kept everybody awake all night.

They laid in bed and counted their breaths and read under the covers by flashlight.

They do their best work at night.

“Sleep hygiene” doesn’t make a difference. They’re just different. Neuro-divergent.

Maybe they eventually realize the night has secrets to tell them.

Insomniacs are different. I know what that feels like: frustrated, sick and unable to focus. The world says terrible things will happen if we don’t sleep, so we try everything to get our 8 hours. Nothing works.  

But insomnia may not be a life sentence. It could be a season, not forever.

I was up for a reason and maybe you are too.

Maybe the night has something to tell you.

I am a witch, a mystic and a writer. I love archetypes, symbols, magic and the night.

I wrote Midnight Pages because I got sick of fighting my nature and feeling doomed because I don’t get enough sleep.

I think it’s time for all of us to listen to our wise guides and intuition. To become who we’re supposed to be: to create and explore.

This book is my little encouragement to live the way you’re meant to live and really just be as you are.

The practice of Midnight Pages is my alternative to Morning Pages because as popular as that practice is,

no insomniac is going to get up at 6:00 to write.

We just finally fell asleep.

I hope this book serves you.

Sharing Love and Blessed Be,


“Finally a creativity guide for those solitary insomniacs who are most inspired in the darkness; a clever counterpoint to the insufferable 6am morning people crowd who seem to dominate the self-help genre.” 

Derek Murphy, Creativindie

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