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If you are up in the middle of the night watching the clock, maybe you’re up for a reason.

Do you wonder why you have insomnia? Why you keep waking up at the same time every night? Do you watch the clock and worry about how tired you’re going to be in the morning, getting more frustrated with each passing minute? That was me, until I surrendered and let myself listen to the night. I’ve solved problems, meditated, connected with Spirit (and spirits) and I’ve written entire books in the night.

I stopped worrying about lacking the discipline to write my morning pages and I created Midnight Pages instead.

This is a book to transform your insomnia into a portal for discovery.

The night has something to tell you.

You are on the brink of discovering what every mystic and mage knows: the night is powerful. Who knows what called you out of slumber but the night is thick with possibility and you’re lucky to be awake to notice.

This book helps you look for messages and signs. Through guided writing prompts, dream analysis, automatic writing and journaling, you can make the night a mystical time of self-discovery and wonder.

If you listen…

the night will reveal her secrets.

You’re up for a reason.

This book is for writers, insomnias, journal keepers and anyone interested in automatic writing or developing intuition.

Using writing prompts, creative practices and meditations on writing, wakefulness, the moon, the Goddess of the Night, travelogues and a practice called Midnight Pages, you will deepen your writing practice, build up your intuition, develop your craft and figure out a little bit more just who you are and who you’re meant to be. And you stop worrying that you’re “wasting” your night and ruining your writing discipline.

This workbook is your companion in the night. It will help you:

  • Link your insomnia to intuition and creativity
  • Deepen your spirituality
  • Create a midnight writing practice to prime your creativity
  • Imagine and manifest the life you want
  • Use Midnight Pages to liberate your inner wisdom
  • Find spiritual guidance through automatic writing
  • Explore the signs and symbols of your life
  • Accept your sleeplessness as the doorway to transformation.

“Midnight Pages is full of magic, humor and creative writing exercises that will lead you to discover all sorts of mysteries about you. This is the first book I’ve read that really talks to me as a night owl, and after reading it, a proud night owl. I love this book!” – Jan Boswell, Night Owl



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