I did some automatic writing this morning because the non-automatic kind –where we muscle ourselves into the chair and stare at a white screen and cry and sweat– was blocked. It only took two seconds for the answer: Ego. Of course my ego is the block. It’s everybody’s block to everything: to writing, to magic, to revelation, to success and whatever else.


Last week I read an ego-shaking thing. It said that a solitary Witch is initiated by a life-changing spiritual experience.

(If you learn Wicca in a community or coven, you will be initiated by a Witch with more experience than you, once you are ready; often after a year and a day. )

The article said once you have this other-worldly intervention you never see life as you did before. Just like the “born again” experience I never had (but always craved.) The author said that until this happens, the “universe takes no notice of you.” My ego hung its head in shame.

The Pilgrimage

Having spent my life longing for THE lightening bolt experience, this was yet another confirmation I was someone the Universe took no notice of. And last week’s spell was a dud. So, there.

Long ago a mentor told me, “Some people need the lightning bolt. Some of us are on a pilgrimage.”

OK, that was an alternative story but, a pilgrimage? Like the long, messy slog of Canterbury Tales? Unremarkable like a tedious memoir? No fireworks?

Practicing Magic – Fast Forward to Now

After a while you figure out it’s your choice to make the journey slogg-ish or miraculous. Because no matter what, Goddess is already here. At hand. Even the bible says that. (Though no mention of Goddess, naturally.)

There’s nobody to wait for, no one to hope notices me. I am Her, She is Me.

When the Universe seems oblivious, it’s because I’ve been ego-ing.

Cumulative Magic

And, also this: A pilgrimage is like practicing magic. You keep doing it. You experiment. After a while you realize you’ve built up authority and power. You notice things because you’re listening to your belly. Your life is quite magical.

The ego that wanted the Universe to take note of it remembers she is a part of the Goddess and doesn’t need Her nod of approval.

I am going to do another prosperity spell this week, because, eh, sometimes things don’t work out. It’s as easy as pouring a cup of tea. Here it is in case you want to try it too.Give the spell three, six, or nine days before deciding how it went. Give me the deets in the Belly Witch Facebook Group.

A Written Wish Spell For Prosperity

All you need is a pen/paper, a candle, honey, spring water in a separate container, and a cup. You can also use some green food coloring in the water if you wish.

Gather your supplies.

Light your candle to signify the start of your ritual. Keep it where you can tend to it. For both magic and safety, never leave a lit candle untended.

Sit. Breathe. Meditate on what you wish for. This is for monetary or material wealth, increase, up-leveling, improved circumstances. Even spiritual people need to buy a new sweater from time to time. No guilt, just be honest about what you want.

When you are ready, write down it down in full detail. Write what you imagine, what it will feel like, how it will grow your heart, life, relationships, joy, acceptance of goodness; all of it. Then, fold the paper.

When you are finished, breathe to center yourself and imagine that you are surrounded in a perfect bubble of white God light. You are protected in this bubble, which you see as a circle around you.

Take your empty cup and pour some honey in the bottom. With your finger, write your desires in honey on the inside of your cup.

When you’re done, fill the cup with spring water.

Say your intention aloud.

Then you may conclude with something like:

“Sweet pleasures come to me,

abundance in both flower and seed.

I call for ease and for wealth,

for prosperity to enjoy in fine health.

So mote it be.”

As the honey dissolves, imagine your wish is infused into the water. Then drink the water and allow the magic to infuse you. Feel what it will feel like when your wish comes true.

Meditate on how lovely life is, how wishes are free and you are worthy.

Blessed be,