Magic is when your spells for the small but important things work: locating your keys, growing flowers, finding lovers. You will smile because inconveniences are less pesky and chance encounters become the very thing your heart desired.

Also Magical

If you’re not into Witch Craft, but want to deepen your intuition, or you want to swim in your personal sea of creativity and imagination, it works the same way. Carve out a sacred space (your altar might be your art studio or garden.) Go there. Then use the most magical tool any of us has: ASK.

With easeful intention, ask the Goddess, (or the Universe, or your Higher Self/Inner Wisdom) and watch road blocks melt away. Infinite Intelligence is just waiting for your call. She rushes to your side at your tiniest whisper. (Or whimper.)

Indelible Magic

But doing little things expands into more. Here’s what I mean: if you cast spells for the regular things: to cut ties that bind, and protect your home, and heal your allergies, you learn to harness elements (crystals, water, earth) which connects you to those things forever. That’s quantum entanglement but also embodied wisdom.

For example, I will never forget a time of fear when I knew I had to protect my home. I poured salt around my property in the pouring rain, anointing my spell with my pouring tears.

You embody the memory of days like that, the cold, rawness of winter rain and the hot water from your eyes. The hard ground under bare feet. You don’t forget those things. It’s your magic from that day forward. You’re entangled with it.

Big Magic

But if magic is a spiritual journey for you — a journey to find more than keys — if you want to call back your power, change your life, change the world for the better, stand up to patriarchy, stand in your truth, then you need bigger tools. You need rituals and expanded, up-leveled questions. You need to believe you have access to MORE.

You will need to consider the possibility that you are a multidimensional being, far more powerful, wondrous and holy that you ever imagined. You are MORE than the person who lost her keys or wants a new lover. You. Are. Powerful. Divine. Holy. Now.

Your are the Magic You are Making

So, how to realize you ARE the magic? You can start by asking bigger questions. Here are some you can try during meditation or with a pen and paper. Don’t think too hard about it. See what your Inner Wisdom or Spirit wants to write. I’m not telling you to reach for intelligence from “out there.” I’m telling you it’s right there. In you, with you, around you; it belongs to you already.

Here are the questions. I hope one will show you a glimpse of how amazing you are.

Before my soul took flesh in this life, what was my Higher Self’s intention? What am I here to learn?

Since I am im-personating God/Goddess right here and now, what is possible that I don’t believe is possible?

What is the thing I know I must do that I “know” I cannot do? What if I did it?

Blessed be,